About Us

We are a Mother and Daughter business indulging in the thing we love most - Patchwork and Quilting and all things hand made.

Noeline was a creative sewer from the time she was a school and made clothes for the family until they took over the task themselves.

Fiona is a creative patchworker with an excellent eye for colour and fabric blending. Fiona was residing in the UK when a friend from New Zealand visited and introduced her to the world of Patchwork and Quilting. She was hooked. Her goal always from that moment was to own her own retail shop.

Noeline (Mummy) joined Fiona and Kevin in 2005 and was quickly introduced to the highly addictive hobby and was quickly hooked too.

Whilst living in the UK Fiona taught classes at Just Between Friends in Buckhurst Hill Essex. The classes were always popular with many repeat attenders. 

Feedback was always positive and depending on the project folks usually left with a finished item or at best a block or three of a quilt.

JBF also had a wonderful community of like minded people. This is our goal in Gizzy!

Fiona and Noeline were part of a large group that made hundreds of quilts for the neo natal wards of local hospitals as well as care homes and people in need in the local community.

Aging family members has bought us back to Gisborne allowing us to fulfil this dream of owning our own Patchwork and Quilting business.