Have you been to see us??

The shop is fit to burst with fabric right at the moment. We have had a lot of fun unpacking parcels and rearrnging the shop on an almost weekly basis. The big shipment of Batik has certainly added a burst of colour as you walk in the main doors.

We are really happy to see and hear that word is spreading about our wee shop. Gisborne is certainly a crafty place! We have had visitors from all over NZ and as far afield as Germany and the UK.

Today is a shorter day than normal as we are off to see Barry Gibb in concert at the Mission in Napier. Mum and Elaine have left already and I will be zooming off at around 3. Hopefully it be a bit warmer in Napier than it is here this morning. I am thinking another layer might be in order!!

So what has come in this week?

A very pretty blue set of three fabrics.Chambray Rose by Shabby Chic. $ 29 a metre. It will be on the website very soon.



The possibilities are endless and we have some great blenders that would work well with them.

The website is nearing completion. I have an amendment to the shopping cart that needs to go live (and I cannot get it to work). After that we are live and ready to receive orders! We have decided to go with Paypal to begin with, to be honest the banks make things so complicated we have put that on the back burner for a wee while. I'll let you know! In the meantime if you do some fabric you would like email or call us.

Back soon.




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