New embroidery ribbons and Perle threads

We received a beautiful parcel last week from the House of Embroidery.. full of thread to restock the Perle stand and something new and exciting for More Than Fabric Mis-Dyes. Basically these are the lots that haven't passed the colour quality control - We have 4mm 100% Silk Ribbon. There are six colours available and once it has gone it is gone. We have packaged in five metre packs and the pack retails for $7.50. The six colours are on the website in the Habby - Ribboon section.

We also received Perle 12  but this has sold out fast. what is left will be in the newsletter or if you are interested email me and I can send you a photo or pop into the shop if you are in town!

The class list is updated and we have scheduled classes out to the beginning of December. Check out the Class tab on the website.